Flat in Sofia residential complex
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Laconic compact rental apartment in the very center of Moscow. And in this case, it is not just a place of short-term residence for tourists and seekers of urban identity, but a kind of portal and perhaps the first step for a guest of the capital on the way to understanding the Russian spirit.

The approach to the formation of the philosophy of space was dictated by the focus to a greater extent on foreign tourists coming to the city for the first time, but looking for the atmosphere that international hotel chains with a universal design cannot give them.

Like a patchwork quilt, the interior gathers a kaleidoscope of shades of old Moscow, epic Slavic culture, something very natural and ancient, fairground and ceremonial, something artisanal and original, but passed through modern understandable every perception.

Despite the brightness, all shades of color in the interior are muted, referring us to the feelings of naturalness of natural colors. All spaces are simple in form, but each of them is endowed with separate sculptural elements of plastic that resemble characteristic fragments of stone Russian architecture. Floors are made with the effect of lapping, bud. then they would have been moved from the old royal chambers. And modern interior attributes become a contrast to this natural context: light, decorative elements, a kitchen island and a soft living room area.

All rooms and areas of this apartment are multifunctional and transformable to achieve the best ergonomics even in cramped conditions. The bedroom is isolated from the living room by a large curtain, the island serves as a meeting place and an additional work area, the shutters on the windows shift into decorative elements, and the bathroom with shower easily becomes a "Russian bath" due to a system of folding glass curtains and a steam generator.

All this makes the interiors of the apartment not just a beautiful place to provide the applied function of the guests, but becomes a kind of attraction for them, allowing them to feel the cultural identity of the region and the place.

Project start 2021
Сonstruction completion 2022
Location Moscow
Area 47 sq.m.
Project team Alexander Salov, Tatiana Osetskaya, Vera Ivanova
Photographer Daniil Annenkov
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