Improvement of the recreation area in Zarechny
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The territory of the recreational zone LESNAYA is located in the southern part of the city of Zarechny, Penza region. The plot is a picturesque forest area surrounded by urban development. On the territory of the recreation area there is a forest pond with dotted sports and recreational facilities, a large sports complex, a small hotel and a swimming pool under construction, connected by a network of hiking trails formed naturally.

The uniqueness of the area, expressed in its picturesque natural component, becomes the basis for the reconstruction project. The fundamental principles of the whole project were a careful approach to the existing landscape and the delicate integration of new objects into the existing context.

The recreation area originates from the alley running along the sports complex in the direction of the dam. The main pedestrian axis passes through the hotel and ends at the intersection with the 30th Anniversary of Victory Avenue. The main route is crossed by three beams: the main beam of the "green" beach, the beam to the bridge and to the sports ground and. On the coastal beam there is a large walking circle partially facing the water, an outdoor recreation area (with chess tables and benches), an outdoor gazebo, a covered recreation area with spacious canopies and a closing circle with a feeding area for ducks. On the parallel beam leading to the sports field and children's play area there are wooden decking with hammocks. On the terraces of the green slope in front of the hotel, sun beds with large umbrellas are picturesquely placed, giving shelter even on the hottest day. On the way from the site in front of the hotel towards the pedestrian bridge there is a sports circle with a cable car area, a warm-up and workout area and a recreation area. The climbing wall area is conveniently located on the natural embankment of the bridge. Passing the high bank of the mouth of the backwater, we get to an open circular area with feeders for squirrels, from which the roads branch off towards the pool and the dam. Along the high slope there are small descents to the water with recreation and fishing grounds. The platforms overlook the entire pond and the sandy beach located on the opposite shore. The beach area is equipped with comfortable changing rooms with showers, a foot fountain and bathrooms. The main part of the beach is full of sun beds, hammocks and recreation areas. The walking circle partially enters the water, which allows it to be used as a pier or springboard. The order on the beach is observed by rescuers from an equipped observation deck, in the immediate vicinity of the stationary station.

The local integration of recreation area objects into the forest context allowed not only to create a unique image, but also to preserve the feeling of the natural environment. The visual dominants of the park are not new infrastructure facilities, but existing, natural forms, complemented by delicate elements of man-made "nature".

Project start 2017
Location Zarechny, Penza region.
Area 6 ha
Project team Tatiana Osetskaya, Alexander Salov, Tatiana Yudina, Ksenia Vauchskaya
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